The Covid-19 outbreak is not only affecting the health sector, but it has significant effects on the commercial industry. The coronavirus has seen to it that many businesses have closed, and many more people have lost their jobs. With the disruption of supply chains, many companies have called it quits because of the pandemic’s economic pinch. Due to the interference in normal business activities, many companies are not able to meet their minimum financial obligations and objectives. Some of the objectives is the ability to cover the renting premises as well as pay the staff salaries.


The novel coronavirus has recorded a 45% decrease in terms of transactions and assets between March and May. Last year, for the first half, there were 55 registered investment advisers (RIA) deals while this year, there were only 30 RIA deals. The comparison translates to $59.7 billion for 2019, while 2020 recorded $32.8 billion for the same time.


One of the strategies for curbing the spread of the virus is social distancing. When it comes to Mergers and Acquisitions, investors need to feel what they are merging in, which isn’t comfortable with social distancing. Many investors tend to visit the place and see the worth of the product they are investing in. The restriction in movement slows down the number of transactions that can occur because full appraisal of a product or service is lacking.


According to Scott Slater, an M&A specialist, the economy will recover, and businesses will pick up in the last quarter of the year, and they will return to a robust market. He also heeds that many small businesses have turned to wealth management, which has led to the evolution of creative business models.


Slater points out that buyers and sellers have to reassess how the new dynamics will look like. Secondly, thorough appraisals of products and services will require person to person interaction which means that people will have to be in contact. It is crucial to note that for effective merging and acquisition to occur, individuals will have to overcome social distancing.


Hard times call for drastic measures and all individuals should strive to better their economic standing. With all the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it helps that some people can work remotely, and through this, the economy will not collapse entirely. It is important to note that the epidemic has taught business owners to engage their creativity and stay afloat. Adapting to the changing economy is the only way of staying in business.