People have a few reasons that they might want to consolidate business debt, but it all comes down to making payments more affordable. For example, maybe the person had a poor credit rating before, and they had to pay a higher rate than what they would have otherwise paid. Consolidating debt also makes sense to put all debts under a single debt to make it one affordable monthly payment. 


How It Works

To consolidate a business debt doesn’t differ too much from other types of debts. First, the business owner will have to decide on the debts that they want to consolidate. After they have chosen, they will apply for a new business loan, and when they get approved, the proceeds given will be paid to pay off the original loan. For all future payments, they will pay off on the loan that they took out. 


How Does Consolidation Differ from Refinancing?

While people often group refinancing and consolidation together, they aren’t identical. When the person goes to consolidate a small debt they might do it because the interest is lower, and it is easier to pay off under a single loan and keep track of. On the other hand, refinancing doesn’t always have multiple loans to put them under one. Someone might even choose to refinance only a single loan. With a refinancing, the goal with this type of loan will almost always be to get a much lower interest rate. For example, maybe the person had poor credit before, but they have since improved their credit score. This means that they could get a more favorable loan rate in most cases. 

When looking for these types of loans, it helps for the individual to look for a bank that will work with them. Not every bank will be the best choice for this. They have to look for a lender that they can trust. In some cases, it doesn’t make sense to consolidate business debt. For example, if they can get a better interest rate on their current loan, they may want to stick with it. A lot of things must be considered when someone goes to consolidate their business debt, but this can help them to make a better choice.