Throughout the years, mergers and acquisitions have continued to be an important part of the business world and how business functions. During this time, countless major mergers and acquisitions have taken place with both small and large companies alike. The following examples are known as some of the most famous mergers and acquisitions that have taken place. 

Exxon and Mobil
In 1999, the energy industry had a major shakeup following the merger of Exxon and Mobil, both of which had been known as leaders in the industry. As part of the merger, the companies quickly expanded their companies across the United States and would continue to lead the energy industry. The Exxon and Mobil merger is still known as one of the most successful mergers in history. 

America Online and Time Warner
Another well-known merger that took place in 2000 is the America Online and Time Warner merger. At the time, America Online, which is most well-known for creating AOL, would end up acquiring Time Warner for an impressive $164 billion. At the time, this one was considered one of the largest technology mergers. The reasoning behind the merger was to help further connect phone and internet services. Unfortunately for America Online, the downfall of dial-up eventually led Time Warner to cut ties in 2009. 

Disney, Pixar, and Marvel
Since its inception, Disney has continued to be one of the major leaders in the entertainment industry, and their mergers with both Pixar and Marvel would further this success. Disney would first acquire Pixar for an impressive $7.4 billion in 2006, which helped to kickstart the many successful movies that are known and loved today. Shortly after acquiring Pixar, Disney went on to acquire Marvel for an additional $4 billion in 2009. Today, the company continues to experience significant growth and success. 

Google and Android
While most people will know about Google nowadays, they may not have realized that they were involved in a major merger with Android in 2005. Before Android became the popular phone option that it is today, the merger took place, making it known as another successful merger in the United States. The move would prove to be a major success as it helped Google become a competitor against major technology companies like Microsoft and Apple.