Viper Equity Partners

Investment Banking Facilitators

America’s leading transition consultation firm for the medical industry

At Viper Equity Partners, we’re America’s leading transition consultation firm for the medical industry. We’ve worked diligently to develop the knowledge and expertise necessary to help companies across the nation just like yours. We work across numerous areas and have established relationships with Finance Partners, Banks, Equity Firms, Lawyers, and Analysts, and that list keeps growing day after day.

As the Founder of Viper Equity Partners, David C. Branch is a Mergers and Acquisitions Expert who enjoys the lucrative nature of the work that he does in finance. For the past 25 years, he’s been building experience in all areas of the industry to become as knowledgeable and skilled as possible. 

At Viper Equity Partners, we’ve refined our role as Investment Banking Facilitators to stand out in the industry. We operate as mitigators and arbitrators between the buyers who are looking to consolidate industries and marry them together and the sellers who want to become part of these larger groups and benefits from the resources they offer. At Viper Equity Partners, we bring together professionals from the healthcare community and the investment community and help them communicate for mutually beneficial results. 

We’re known throughout the industry here at Viper Equity Partners for how much value we add to the investment banking facilitation process. With our skilled and seasoned team, we deliver the results you’re looking for through our four-point approach:

  • Structure: We work with you to develop your story and image while recasting your financials and creating you a deal book that’s designed for easy comprehension. 
  • Working Capital: We distinguish ourselves in the industry through our active approach to investing while simultaneously helping our clients become enterprises through multiple growth opportunities. 
  • Strategic Assistance: Our entire team has been trained and imbued with the operational and clinical experience necessary in order to strategize a deal that makes the most sense for you, specifically.
  • Operational Assistance: Through our operational structure, we provide promising companies the substantial capital resources they need to assist them in achieving their objectives for growth. 

As Founder and Principal here at Viper Equity Partners, David C. Branch has been building a career in Private Equity and Finance for more than 30 years. His expertise is concentrated in the technology, medical, and hospitality industries, and across his career, he’s purchased and sold over 100 companies in his portfolio. Most recently, Viper Equity Partners started 2022 by putting over 225 million dollars in deals under letter of intent in Q1, once again holding on strong to their spot as the top investment banking firm in healthcare. 

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