A career in M&A, or mergers and acquisitions, is highly lucrative. It’s no wonder, as those who work in M&A are some of the most powerful players in the industry. The stakes, and the payoffs, are high. These individuals play an important role in the future success or failure of companies around the world. They shape the business world through their decisions. 


What Do M&A Experts Do?

M&A bankers are professional financial advisors working at the highest possible levels. They work with large companies, or corporates, by advising the groups’ leaders on how to manage their companies for the best possible future outcomes. M&A bankers are different from management consultants. Although they too help companies determine the best future strategy, these consultants don’t actually change the components of the company. M&A experts, however, seek to achieve their strategy through structural change. Of course, this looks different for every company, but most strategies follow a few similar patterns. 

M&A bankers may suggest that their client companies join with another company as equals (known as a merger), buy and then control a smaller company (an acquisition), or sell part of their company (a disposal). 

Normally, the larger the investment bank, the larger the deal. Smaller investment banks are more focused on specific regions or industries. 


What is a Career in M&A Like? 

Many experts find a career in M&A very exciting. They work on landmark projects that have a significant impact on businesses and industries as a whole. The experience is often rewarding, but it is extremely hard work that requires years of experience in finance, hours of research, and excellent relationship-building skills. First, you have to interact with clients, then develop a relationship so they can trust you as you create a strategy. Then you need to help them incorporate the strategy you’ve developed. 

As an M&A banker, you’ll most likely work on several deals at one time. Each project is different from the others, so you will be managing deals in many different stages and levels of intensity. The projects will be in different locations and require travel. 

Working in M&A is fast-paced and intense. If you thrive under pressure and love a good challenge; however, a career in mergers and acquisitions may be perfect for you!