In today’s quick-moving business climate, keeping track of the latest news – and especially mergers and acquisitions (M&As) – is more important than ever. However, doing so is easier said than done, given the volume of M&As at hand and many outlets’ fragmented coverage, which encompasses just a portion of mergers and buyouts.

To help all interested professionals enjoy the most detailed and up-to-date M&A news, here’s a list of leading platforms.
With a presence in nations around the globe and an ultra-dedicated and knowledgeable staff to its credit, Reuters is perhaps the leading reporter of M&As today. The more than 150-year-old outlet’s extensive contacts mean that a multitude of companies and professionals exclusively inform Reuters reporters of mergers and purchases before they’re publicly announced.

Consequently, in addition to including exclusive details of M&As in its reports, Reuters often breaks the stories prior to their formal announcement by the involved companies and individuals.
Founded in 2004, Seeking Alpha has developed a sizable readership, particularly in the business community, because of its steadfast focus on markets, companies, earnings reports, and related topics. Unlike Reuters and others, the platform revolves entirely around the business world – including M&As, which are sometimes announced via the outlet.

Even when M&As aren’t announced via Seeking Alpha, though, the platform will promptly cover the associated deals.
London’s Financial Times (, as its name suggests, reports on the financial sphere, current affairs, and news at the intersection of the spaces. Founded in the late 19th century, the outlet operates as a digital platform and as a newspaper, making it accessible to all readers.

This all-encompassing coverage explores most every major M&A, rendering an excellent option for those who wish to stay apprised of the latest buyouts and mergers.
CNBC is likewise focused exclusively on the business world (in contrast to Reuters’ far-reaching coverage), with an emphasis on the stock market. Nevertheless, the website for the namesake television channel covers and analyzes M&As, and the platform’s hosts have developed sizable followings (and ample influence) during the last two or so decades in particular.