The economy has been unpredictable and tumultuous these past few years, and the business world has experienced its share of both negative and positive effects. In fact, much of the business atmosphere, in general, has been transformed completely and/or permanently. Many companies celebrated triumphs, expansions, and enhanced success, while others faced unwelcome challenges, decisions, and even total losses in some cases. For an overwhelming number of impacted businesses, M&As (mergers and acquisitions) were the only options available.

Companies from all backgrounds and stature levels have been forced to make significant changes within their walls. Some businesses had to decide whether or not to collaborate with other companies and teams, find other solutions or shut down altogether. Many have suffered losses. However, at the same time, many have benefited greatly from the fluctuating economy. They have branched out, merged with other companies, or acquired them outright, increasing their resources, expanding their inventory and services, and enjoying substantial growth and success. Luckily, it is possible and easier than you may expect to choose which side of the table your business sits on.

The incredible rise in M&As has been especially evident among family businesses, and not all reasons for or outcomes of these deals are detrimental. Along with increased assistance, resources, and revenue, there are many other useful purposes for family-operated businesses to utilize mergers and/or acquisitions. If they opt out of selling for a fair or (hopefully) increased price, they could take advantage of M&As to effectively and efficiently solidify the foundation of their business and practices and enhance their exposure, reputation, and integrity. M&As can be fantastic opportunities to not only preserve but share their family business’s cultural history, heritage, beliefs, values, traditions, practices, and goals.

Companies of all sizes, from every industry located all over the world, have been using mergers and acquisitions as either exit strategies or growth strategies. There is a wealth of practical and insightful information about M&As and how they can be best utilized, particularly by family businesses, along with a myriad of tools, resources, assistance, and support available online. It is always wise to conduct proper research and preparation before you begin your venture, whether it is a merger, acquisition, or maybe a different path entirely.