During a merger, the first thought that crosses an employee’s mind is termination. The possibility of being fired or demoted during the integration is high. However, there are steps that workers can take if they’re at risk of losing their jobs.

Investigate the Rumors

It’s easy for workers to believe the rumors and myths about mergers. The first task is to investigate any rumors about which types of workers will get fired first, how many layoffs the company plans, who will get demoted, etc. Avoiding misinformation and knowing the facts are necessary before taking the next step.

Evaluate the New Position

Instead of getting fired, some workers are forced to assume new positions. They have to acquire new personal and or professional skills to cope with the demands of their work. There may be brand-new policies and procedures that every staff member must review and accept.

Highlight Your Strengths and Abilities

The loss or demotion of a job is an excellent time to reflect on one’s strengths and weaknesses. Some workers wonder if the new job at the new company is beneath their abilities. Other workers begin getting trained in new areas of expertise that they’ve never considered before. Overall, a merger is a good time for anyone to reevaluate personal and professional abilities. It’s also a time to consider moving on to other companies or industries where the skills can be put to better use.

Watch Out for Threats

It’s possible to retain one’s job after a merger, but there are always new threats to face. Some companies have significantly reduced staff, and as a result, the workers become more competitive and analytical of each other. They may have increased workloads that result in longer hours and more stress after work. After a merger, there may be low morale and lack of satisfaction among the employees that take months or years to recover fully.

When a merger and acquisition is announced, the staff’s widespread uncertainty that only grows each day. The biggest concern is that certain jobs will be lost or demoted in the integration. However, employees who do their research have the right to protect their jobs and their livelihoods.